The porn movie formerly known as Alpha 15..

"I thought it was a good title," said Cat Pee, director of a movie that was until last weekend known as Alpha 15: Big Sister And the Trial of Emily LaBore.

"But you thought Cat Pee was a good porn name," I pointed out.

"We are making Art here," executive producer Ron Royster said.

The movie, whatever it ends up being called, features the virginal-for-porn Justine Joli as Emily, a woman taken to task for not acting on her sexual desires, such as her dangerous love for Gram.

"Have you ever read William Gibson's 'Mona Lisa Overdrive'?" Joli asked.

"No, but I have the Best of BTO at home," I replied. "What part of 'Smart girls threaten me' don't you understand?"

Joli's character is hounded by Big Sister's henchbabes Daisy Layne, Hollie Stevens, and Vanessa Lynn. Jayna Oso is also in the picture.

"I took a break for eight months," Oso told me. I had first seen her as the soccer coach's wayward daughter in a gangbang movie called Six in Me, in which she was waylaid by the soccer team. She left the industry shortly thereafter, and No Kidding.

"I went to Florida," she said. Later, I asked her how Florida was.

"How did you know I went to Florida?" she asked.

Joli was sentenced to live out her fantasies one by one, including a girl/girl scene with Daisy Layne in which the former offered only marginal protest. At least there wasn't any pegging.

The scene was being shot at Brittany Andrews' Britco Pictures under the 1st Street Bridge in Los Angeles. It is one of those places that isn't seen too much outside of Repo Man. Andrews' office manager is an agreeably friendly and non-confrontational foot fetishist (most are) who had an abundance of female feet to surreptitiously snap.

Royster has parlayed directing Atomic Vixens into executive-producing two subsequent features, Benny Profane's Barbed Wire Kiss and this one. He is planning a trip to Prague this summer to shoot Pornophenia, which is the best title ever.

Cat Pee is a first-time director who put together the BTS footage of Atomic Vixens and Barbed Wire Kiss. I have no doubt whatsoever that there is footage of me pantomiming how Tee Real should be fucking Adrianna Nicole in the BTS of the Barbed Wire Kiss scene I directed. This concerns me, but I will not question her artistic vision.

"You have something on your ass," Pee says to Joli, and removes it. She has engendered trust with her cast, and that is hard to come by.

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Written by Gram Ponante and taken from, March 31, 2006.

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