Britco Pictures:
Miss Brittany Andrews' Downtown L.A. Sound Stage Alternative to the "Fucking" Porn Valley.

Miss Brittany Andrews is much more than just a serious fuck fantasy fetish diva.
Scratch the surface of that stunning, slightly hard kisser, built-like-a-brick-shithouse bad and Fran Drescher like voice which spews out the F-word like others say "please" and "thank you" and you'll find a serious entrepreneur who's been running her own company for two years now.

Britco Pictures is a 4,000 square foot sound stage in downtown Los Angeles that Andrews rests out to porn production companies for $250 a day. The space offers bedroom and dungeon settings, plus a large unadorned room suitable for custom set designing.

Under the auspices of Britco's Cave Post subsidiary, Andrews also rents out for $400 a day a state of the art post-production cacility wich includes Avid 8000 film composers, Avid System Software 7.5 or higher, high resolution 21-inch bin monitors, a Makie 1402 VLZ mixer, Roland speakers, Media Dock base rock with beta and 3/4-inch decks.

"Business has been very good", Andrews said over lunch recently. "The first year was kind of slow. But now it's doing very well. Now I have a regular clientele. Pretty much everybody who I've used keeps coming back. So that says something good"
Her regular clients, she said, include Elegant Angel, her pal Juli Ashton and a number of specialty and ethnic production companies.

"I find it very interesting, myself, to see how they all actually use the space", she said. "I get to really see the space utilized i a lot of different ways to give me ideas for different things that I'm doing", such as directing her own softcore line -My Private Desires- or building her ambitious Website,

Andrews' studio gets high marks from some of the porners who have used it. One of those is director Robert Madison, who shot portions of Elegant Angel's Cellar Dweller 3, S.M.U.T. 17 and Tails of Perversity 7 there.
"It's a very cool place to shoot at", Madison said. "They basically give you the run of the place, as opposed to some other locations -like somebody's house- where they're hovering over you or you have all these restrictions".
"It's a totally relaxed atmosphere is what I'm trying to say", Madison added.

Andrews conceded that most of her business comes from companies that rent the shooting space as opposed to the post production facility.
"Post production facilities have become so affordable that a lot of people are just doing it themselves at home on Avids available for their computers", she explained. "Like a cheap, ready to wear version".

Bricto was born from Andrews' ambition, upon entering the business in the mid-'90s, to run her own company as opposed to -believe or not- becoming a star.
"Right from the beginning, when I first started, I started having employees", she said. "And I just grew and grew and grew and grew. And then, my decision for the studio was originally - I thought that I would shoot like a lot of mail order videos. Kind of those custom made kinds of things. But that didn't seem to be where I wanted to go once I made the studio.
"So I said, 'Well, I'm not using it every day. I might as well rent it out and at least have it pay for itself'. I mean, I figured people needed a place that was reasonably priced".

Andrews said she only charges $250 a day because "being a director of porn, I realize and understand the budgets that a lot of these people have. Especially when it comes to bondage companies and stuff like that, the budgets are even loss".
She promotes Britco, she said, by advertising in AVN, by attending as many trade shows -such as January's Adult Entertainment Expo- as possible, and by directly marketing her company to the industry's various production houses.
"And I've got a couple of locations scouts that bring people in as well", she added.

To no one's great surprise, Andrews said that as the female head of a business in an industry run for the most part by men, she's encountered some less-than-politically-correct attitudes.
"I've been in the business -April will be six years- and I know, when you're working your way up, everyone's like, 'Go get 'em girl. Do it. Do it. Do it'. Everyone's behind you 110 percent. But then once you actually do it, they're like 'What the fuck are you doing here? Are you actually talking? You're supposed to be sitting over there in the corner looking pretty'.

"And you know, I have all these different things that I can offer. I have the dungeon. I have the studio. The post production facilities. I have all these different things I can offer. And they'd be stepping on my feet to talk to some schmuck that's got nothing, but he's a guy. And I'm a pretty girl. And oh my God, I was just such a cunt that year".
But as her business became more established and in turn, her entrepreneurial rap solidified, she said, those attitudes seemed to evaporate.

"So I guess it's one of those things of you know, a little bit of time, people getting used ro you being around", she noted.
Andrews conceded that she could probably do more business if her studio were located in the San Fernando -aka porn- Valley, rather than 25 miles away in an industrial district in downtown Los Angeles. But since she despises suburbia ("I fucking hate the fucking Valley") that was never a consideration.

"I'm sure I've lost a little bit of business", she noted. "I think same of the girls probably find it a little scary coming downtown".
"But I've gotten a lot of the Afro-centric companies that are located closer to downtown" in such communities as Inglewood, she said. "They're like 'Oh my God, than you'. They don't want to go all the fuck way out to the Valley. So, you know, everything has its pros and cons"

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